{ KAHANI } = Story ( Noun )

The Three Virtues

The Indian philosophy dictates that there are three energies or Virtues present in the natural order of things: life-giving energy, the force of change and, lastly, the peace that brings all three into balance. Perfection is to be found when these virtues work in perfect harmony. It was in search of this balance that I was inspired to create Kahani, a new Indian fusion cuisine.

“Thankfully the first Virtue didn’t take me long to find. Travelling from the northern Himalayas to Kerala in the south, I rediscovered India’s most ancient and precious recipes. I wandered the land I called home, combing the richly coloured spice markets of Old Delhi, to seek out the very finest spices you can smell issuing from the Kahani kitchen today.”

“Next, I found myself in Spain. In a small town on the south coast. I was immediately met by welcoming smiles – and found myself smiling back. I watched the people and was overwhelmed by the connections they made, sharing their stories, their laughter and their food. Tapas inspired a powerful intimacy and energy between people. When I felt it, I knew I had found the second Virtue.”

“After that day, I travelled far and wide. But no matter how hard I searched, nowhere could I find the last Virtue I needed to achieve the perfect balance of flavour. Then I reached my last stop, England. I looked out onto the greenest fields I’d ever seen, at animals grazing on patchwork hills, the fishing boats arriving on the Cornish coast with their latest catch. These were the very best, the very freshest and the most organic ingredients for Kahani – the third Virtue.”

Location | London
Client | Kahani
Sector | Hospitality