King's Social House

Refreshing an ageing yet iconic brand

King’s Social House restaurant, bar and club can be found within the grand Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, a landmark in the luxury alpine town of St Moritz that dates back to 1896. The brief was to rebrand what was formally known as ‘King’s Club’ and make it once again a destination for the skiing elite.

“It’s all going off piste”

Location | St Moritz
Client | Jason Atherton
Sector | Hospitality

Famed as the oldest nightclub in Switzerland, King’s Club at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has enjoyed a distinguished reputation as a legendary night spot for generations of St. Moritz jetsetters. Now it has been re-born as King’s Social House in collaboration with celebrated British chef and restaurateur, Jason Atherton.

Combining the nobility and regal nature expected of Badrutt’s Palace and the energy and excitement of skiing, we set about creating a unique crest to encapsulate this essence in one brand mark. We chose to create a crest due to its association with respect and grandeur. We then modernised it with a sense of attitude, style and wit to create an original mark.

The colour choices were inspired by the interior design direction to achieve a uniformed solution across every touch-point – from the murals to the menus and also across digital platforms. King’s Social House has now become a popular destination of style, opulence and excess.