Pearl Social // Diver's Club

Pearl Social by Jason Atherton

At the centre of the Kempinski Hotel is Pearl Social, a Mediterranean restaurant brought to you by Jason Atherton. The hotel sits theatrically on its own secluded island, surrounded by beautiful clear waters, and it is this unique location that provided the inspiration for our Pear Social identity.

“Wild and untameable, yet strangely calming”

The Diver's Club

Location | Doha
Client | Jason Atherton
Sector | Hospitality

The Pearl Social branding oozes the style and sophistication prevalent in modern Doha whilst also drawing on the restaurant’s unique location through the use of bespoke ink illustrations that depict the rich blue ocean and the majestic oyster in which the coveted pearl can be found. We developed bespoke typography to create a logo that subtly portrays the beauty and wild attributes associated with the sea. This identity is fresh and contemporary whilst embracing Doha’s rich history of pearl diving.

Head up the stairs and you will discover the Diver’s Club, a stylish bar, serving creative cocktails in an intimate setting. This identity is slightly more playful than its “grown up” partner, which lends it to the playful typographic treatment of the ‘diving’ wordmark and shorthand lock-up. The accompanying jellyfish illustration, found in the restaurant’s surrounding waters, provided the striking mark for this bar, emphasising the link to the coast and running a common theme through both the bar and restaurant.
From naming and print collateral through to digital design and activation, we created two distinctive brand identities for the Pearl Social and Diver’s Club that sit together seamlessly. The challenge was to create a sub-brand that stays true to The Social Companies traditional identity yet is also relevant and appealing to Doha’s target audience.