The Betterment // The Pine Bar

Mayfair, London

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The Betterment

The Homecoming
Located in Grosvenor square, where Jason Atherton originally opened Maze nine years ago, The Betterment was a new venture for Jason and wife Ihra to mark the full circle of their journey.

Dedicated to following the seasons and supporting local artisans
including award-winning family-owned farms.

The Betterment

The Pine Bar

'A taste exploration across the British isles '

We wanted to create cocktails that didn’t just bring delight in taste and enjoyment but that also take you on a journey. From our travels, we added a touch of wanderlust to merge local with exotic. Inspired by the flavours of the land, legend and invention come together in myriad tastes to tantalise the senses. We invite you to savour the moment.

The Pine Bar

Location | London
Client | Jason Atherton
Sector | Food and Beverage

The Betterment, found within The Biltmore Hotel, was a new venture for Jason and wife Ihra to mark the full circle of their journey. In order to visually depict this extensive journey, we plotted points on a world map marking the locations of all of Jason’s restaurants, from Shanghai to New York. The shape created when connecting these points then formed the basis for the shape of the brand illustration.

A feature of the food for The Betterment is that it is seasonal and locally sourced from the UK; something Jason wanted to celebrate within the brand. We therefore depicted the land and sea through abstract ink illustrations that complement the contour of the brand illustration and create a visually rich brand with textures and artworks that evoke a sense of journey and landscape.

We designed a simple, elegant word mark that has its roots in classic serif designs but with a modern edge, gentler curves and exquisite fine details. This modern and traditional approach present in the logo was also mirrored throughout the brand with the use of specialist printing techniques and traditional hand-crafted leather pieces paired with bespoke contemporary illustrations and sustainable recycled materials. This craftmanship and attention to detail sought to reflect The Betterment’s exacting standards and ensure the entire brand is cohesive and connected.